it all started with an addiction to spice

Like many people, we like spicy food.

The pain felt from eating a Carolina Reaper or Ghost Pepper is something we’re passionate about. Spice occupies our thoughts.

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Thoughts like,

“There are spicy foods, drinks and about spicy toothpaste?”

We searched online for toothpaste that claimed to be spicy or more intense, bought a few tubes and got to brushing.

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They turned out to be a let down like:

stargazing in New York City not getting carded on your 21st birthday wearing a speedo on a cold day

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So we said forget it and set out to create a toothpaste that makes your eyes water and tongue tango. Not only did it need to be intense, we wanted Chilly to be healthier and safer than other brands. We went into R&D mode with the country’s leading oral care lab, telling them we wanted healthy toothpaste that’ll blow your wig back.

After a full year of testing, stripping out bad ingredients and adding explosives, Chilly was born.

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a different nurdle

You could say “toothpaste is a toothpaste” but that’s not true. We believe Chilly is the foundation of a different and better brushing experience. Try a couple tubes to start or jump right into a subscription.

We’re confident you’ll love the product as much as we do.